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AH Industries is known around the world for precision products for industries such as the wind turbine industry, the cement and mineral industries, the offshore and marine industries and the machinery industry.

AH Industries machines welded, casted, forged, rolled and flame-cut components and manages everything from prototyping to sourcing, manufacturing and logistics for our customers.

Seamless integration across the entire supply chain

AH Industries consists of three independent, but closely related business units: Manufacturing Solutions, Industrial Solutions and Site Solutions.

As our customer you will experience seamless integration between our business units, where we work hard to supply you with the solution you require.

Following the customers

But we are not just a manufacturing company – we are a partner to our customers and we follow them closely. As a result, AH Industries now has a global footprint to match the presence and the developments in our customer base.

We enter into long-term partnerships that enable both parties to gain optimum benefit from the collaborative process.

Improving your competitiveness

As experts in steel and metal components, we know where our customers can gain an advantage throughout the entire value chain. Our express mission is to improve your competitiveness by becoming your preferred supplier and working with you to improve every single process from idea to finished product.


Wind, cement and much more

AH Industries has been at the forefront of the wind turbine industry ever since the use of wind power really took off in the mid-1980s. Every tenth wind turbine around the world contains parts made by AH Industries, and our Value Engineers ensure continuous improvements and cost-out for wind turbine manufacturers every day.

During this same period, we have also been closely involved in the major developments that have taken place within the cement equipment industry through our Industrial Solutions business unit link. Industrial Solutions now provide advanced sourcing solutions, handling and logistics for not just the cement industry, but for mining, recycling, retrofit and many other heavy industries all over the world.


Site Solutions

In wind power, AH Industries’ Site Solutions business unit link manufactures and services lifting, handling, and transport equipment for the global wind industry. We base our site solutions business on the longest track record of any lifting company producer in the world – and we have a special focus on off-shore and single blade lifting, which is where all the major challenges in the industry are to be found. We know those challenges, and we have the solutions to them, too.

Challenges – yes, please!

We thrive on challenges, no matter what these may involve: the production of small and up to very large components, transport equipment, construction of special tools, and complex assembly processes.

Here today, here tomorrow

AH Industries is a financially strong solutions partner with strong ownership >> and a wealth of state-of-the-art technology at our fingertips.

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