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AH Industries A/S has a new ownership

February 2nd, 2018. AH Industries A/S has a new ownership. Partners Kim Kronborg Christiansen and Adrian Roy Willetts have purchased the company from AURELIUS Equity Opportunities SE & Co. KGaA, a German investment company.

Kronborg Christiansen and Willetts share more than 10 years working in the wind industry, holding senior positions in Vestas and Global Castings amongst others.

Kim Kronborg Christiansen, new CEO and buy-in manager, holds a privileged outside perspective on AH Industries: “Over the years I have known AH Industries as a customer, a supplier and a competitor, and hold great respect for the company. I have been on the lookout for an active investment opportunity and AH Industries holds great promise being well balanced within several industries. I look very much forward to conducting an active management from a private ownership”.

Adrian Roy Willetts already knows AH Industries from his position as Chief Sales Officer in the company during AURELIUS’ recent ownership, and seconds Kronborg Christiansen:

“AH Industries has a unique international footprint. Founded on strong Danish values the company is close to the Northern European customer base, and with its Chinese footprint it has the ability to serve local Chinese and international customers from here as well.

During the past year AURELIUS has successfully focused on honing AH Industries’ core business: machining and assembly services and has opened the German market, thus widening AH Industries’ sales channels. We are glad to move forward with the continued sales support of AURELIUS as developing a stable customer base is the centre of our attention when gathering the forces of AH Industries”, Willetts says.

The parties have agreed to keep the purchase price confidential.

AH Industries produces metal components and modules for wind turbines, the cement and mineral sector, providing high-precision machinery through to final assembly.

AH Industries has a total of more than 300 employees, working at production sites in Ribe, Horsens, Denmark and Ningbo, China, and the company head office in Vejle, Denmark.

Kim Kronborg Christiansen is former CEO, Global Castings A/S 2013-16, SVP, Vestas Manufacturing A/S 2007-13 and CTO, Brdr. Hartmann A/S 2005-07.

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AH Industries sells its non-core business Site Solutions

Vejle, December 08, 2017 – AH Industries A/S is selling its non-core business Site Solutions to Eltronic A/S as of December 1, 2017 as part of the ongoing structural reorganisation of AH Industries. This step will allow AH Industries to further intensify the focus on its core business. With this sale, AH Industry is strengthening and sharpening its profile as a leading supplier of machining and assembly services for the wind power, minerals and cement industries with a production footprint in Denmark and China. The parties have agreed to keep the purchase price confidential.

Site Solutions management is pleased to join a leading contractor of equipment for the global wind turbine industry.


Lothar Schaefer CEO of AH Industries states: ”In Eltronic we have found the right match for Site Solutions. The new organization provides a strong foundation for specialized equipment for the wind Industry. This will allow us to focus on our core business and competences in machining and assembling.”


AH Industries remains to operate in two business areas. In its largest segment, the company produces steel components and modules for on- and offshore wind turbines. For these components, the company’s unique selling proposition lies predominantly in high-precision machining and supply chain management. The second activity is in the procurement and assembling of special machinery for the cement and minerals sector.

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Meet us at Subcontracting Trade Fair “Alihankinta” in Finland!

AH Industries will be exhibiting at Alihankinta Fair 2017 in Finland

We are happy to inform you that AH Industries are participating at the Subcontracting Trade Fair – which takes place from 26–28th September 2017 in Finland, Tampere.

Our stand personnel are specialists and represent the full range of our services and production capabilities – so please come and meet us in CFU pavilion (Center for Danish Subcontractors) Hal E stand E502 (booth 8).

You can find more information about by following this link >> to Alihankinta’s home page.

Looking forward to seeing you there !

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Meet us at HUSUM Wind in September

AH Industries will be exhibiting at HUSUM Wind 2017 in Hall 1 stand E30.

We are happy to inform you that AH Industries are participating at the Husum Wind 2017, which takes place from 12 – 15 September 2017.

Our stand personnel are specialists and represent the full range of our services and production capabilities – so please come and meet us in Hall 1, stand E30

You can register by following this link >> to HUSUM Wind’s home page.

Looking forward to seeing you there !

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New ownership in AH Industries

Ratos, has signed an agreement to divest 100% of the shares in its subsidiary AH Industries A/S. New owner will be Aurelius, a German publicly listed Investment Company.

Ratos has signed an agreement to divest 100% of the shares in its subsidiary AH Industries A/S, a leading supplier of manufacturing services to the Cement, minerals and wind industry, to Aurelius, a German publicly listed Investment Company.

Aurelius has many years of investment and ownership experience in various industries and sectors and a strong interest in continuing to invest in and develop AH-Industries.

Please read the announcement here >>

You can read RATOS AB’s press release here >>

Aurelius Equity Opportunities SE & Co. KGaA’s press release can be found here >>

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Expanding the machining capacity in Denmark

With substantial growth in our customer base in Denmark, Manufacturing Solutions has invested strongly in a new infrastructure and in new tools and machines in order to meet the demand from our customers.

Recently, a new and much larger plasma cutting machine has been added to our production assets.

At AH Industries, we are constantly looking for new ways to strengthen our competitive power, because that’s the only way we can keep our customers competitive, too. This sometimes means looking at better and more efficient ways of producing components.

As an example, in early 2016, our Danish cutting center was moved from Rødekro in Southern Jutland to the Ribe facility, a move that eliminated in one stroke much of the transport required to move components around. At the same time, we began looking at new investment possibilities to expand our capacity, and the first result is now in: Our brand new Zinser plasma cutter.

At 400 amps, the new cutter is more powerful than the one we have previously used. Among other things, this means that Manufacturing Solutions in Ribe now has the capacity to plasma-cut steel sheets up to 80 mm in thickness and with beveling up to 50 mm. Previously, such work had to be done manually with a torch or by the process of milling.


Much larger components with higher precision

The new plasma cutter allows us to handle steel sheets with sizes up to 3,000 mm X 12,000 mm. In beveling operations, the width of the component cannot exceed 2500 mm, but this should be more than sufficient for most applications. A series of exhaustive tests have shown that the cutter is just as precise as when using a traditional torch cutter – even when it comes to the notoriously difficult 90 degree cuts.

“We are located in the West of Denmark, near the North Sea and the offshore oil industry, and a lot of our customers serve this segment,” says business unit director Jeppe Lund from AH Industries’ Manufacturing Solutions. “Our customers in this industry, as well as in the shipyards, the wind business and other heavy industries, all have expressed a desire for us to expand our capacity in plasma cutting, and this latest investment is our reaction to this.”

Substantial customer growth

In fact, new plasma cutters and other investments are a natural result of substantial growth in new customers in the past year and a half. ”Our customer base has grown by 20 % in a very short time, and we expect further growth of app. 15 % in the coming year,” says Jeppe Lund. “Investing in machinery and in our own infrastructure means that we will be able to retain customers all across the country and beyond.”

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New deliveries to the cement industry

AH Industries Industrial Solutions has recently completed the delivery of two large strike bars and eight apron feeders for cement crushers from our production facilities in Denmark and in Ningbo, China.

Strike bars and apron feeders are core components in material handling in the cement and mineral industry and must be able to withstand enormous forces – and to remain in operation for months and years on end without problems. This is why many global operators in the cement and mining industry turn to us for the manufacture and servicing of these crucial parts.


In recent months, we have completed the production and delivery of eight apron feeders and two large strike bar crushers for the cement industry in the Far East. Thomas Hamborg-Thomsen, business unit director for Industrial Solutions, says, ”we have enjoyed a long-lasting collaboration with major players in the cement industry for decades now, and this latest delivery shows the strength of these relations.

These components are critical to the running of cement plants, and they are real heavy-weights; in order to live up to our customers’ expectations, we need to have a strong global setup of suppliers along with our logistics and quality assurance setup – and we do.”

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Anchor cages for wind turbines: A new ready-made solution from AH Industries

Over the years, AH Industries has delivered an increasing number of foundation solutions for major WTG producers in the Asian market.

Now, we are extending our customer base to include installations in Europe and in North America – and our solutions include both anchor cage parts and cages shipped in sections.

The global wind industry is one of the main markets for AH Industries and our three business units: Site Solutions, Manufacturing and Industrial Solutions. “This setup with three independent business units gives us a very strong position in the manufacture and servicing of wind turbine components worldwide,” says Thomas O. Kristensen, Head of Business Development at AH Industries.


“We have our Site Solutions to provide lifting equipment for erection of new turbines and servicing of turbines in operation, we have our Manufacturing Solutions unit which handles serial production of components for new unit wind turbines, and our Industrial Solutions business unit can take care of project production orders, service and prototyping. This is quite unique in the world of machining, and it allows us to develop and offer total solutions for all players in the wind industry.”

One example of this is our production of anchor cages as container-shipped kits.


Keeping wind turbines upright

Anchor cages are critical components in most on-shore wind installations. They form the reinforcement core of the turbine’s foundation and must be able to withstand and distribute into the foundation all dynamic and static forces developed once the turbine is installed and is in operation.

Quite substantial forces, too, as modern wind turbines of 2 or 3 MW can reach hub heights of more than 100 meters and have rotors with diameters exceeding 120 meters. At the foundation, the largest towers are more than 5 meters in diameter and are mounted on the foundation by 200 bolts or even more; bolts which are part of the anchor cage itself.

AH Industries now offer wind turbine producers and contractors the possibility of getting anchor cages as a ready-made kit solution including bolts, anchor ring and flanges– delivered on-site in containers or shipped as a just-in-time solution.

Segmented rings with proven strength

In the US, contractors have a tradition of installing anchor cages as complete units. But with wind turbines growing ever bigger, the challenges of logistics and transport grow with them. Hauling an anchor ring with a diameter of 5 meters or more is neither very practical or very economic.

At AH Industries, we have begun offering our anchor cages as segmented rings instead – we deliver the foundation rings in e.g. five segments of 72 degrees of circle each. And there are no worries over strength – in fact, segmented rings are just as strong as complete rings, once they are installed in the turbine foundation.

EN 1090-1 in place

As the anchor cages form part of the combined structure of the wind turbine, the production of the cages must comply with the EN 1090-1 standard for structural steel construction. AH Industries has this certification in place – as Thomas O. Kristensen explains: “With this certification in place, and a strong product on offer, we can give contractors and OEMs a solution which is superior in terms of logistics and installation time. In the US, we are up against traditional ways of doing things, but we can show clearly that our solution is far more competitive and just as good in terms of structural strength.”

Right now, AH Industries is receiving several orders for anchor cages with more on the way.

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Get it as a kit:
Wind tower foundations ready to install from AH Industries

With the world’s wind industry booming, new and better logistics solutions are needed to guarantee fast on-site installation of vital components.

Over the years AH Industries has developed a smart way of producing, packaging and delivering steel parts for tower foundations directly on site – as a readymade, timesaving kit.

When constructing foundations for wind turbines, huge forces need to be tamed. A modern wind turbine sweeps an area many times the size of a football field, and all the forces from the wind that are absorbed through the nacelle, tower and finally the foundation are quite impressive.

These forces need to be directed into the ground and to absorb the different types of loads inherent in the entire system – and this requires a very unique design. Contractors build big concrete foundations with anchor rings and bolts that are both strong and flexible, so that the tower can operate without suffering damage.


AH Industries has delivered systems of anchor rings and foundation bolts for very large wind turbines for many years. The manufacturing of the components usually takes place at the AH Industries facilities in Ningbo, China, from which the Australian and US markets are served, or from Ribe, Denmark, from which the adjacent markets are served.

As a unique feature the entire tower foundation can be delivered ready to install directly on site – in much the same way as you get a piece of furniture flat-packed and ready to assemble at home.

“We have decades of experience of manufacturing foundation components for wind turbines, and for delivering comparable large foundation components to the cement industry,” says Knud Andersen, CEO of AH Industries. “But with the projected growth in wind installations world-wide and the ever-increasing size of these projects, contractors need a fast and safe way of constructing foundations on-site without too many man-hours involved.

We have that solution ready for them. We can deliver just the right amount of parts on site packed for easy access and at the precise moment when the parts are needed. This makes a huge difference, because contractors can be sure to stick to their plans and to deliver the project to the end customers on time, as agreed.”

On-time delivery anywhere in the world

The steel parts of a tower foundation normally consist of a set of circular flanges that are held together by meter-long, extremely strong and flexible foundation bolts. The concrete is cast and the tower mounted on the foundation.

The steel allows the tower to flex with the wind – too stiff a construction, and the foundation will crack or the tower collapse. Therefore, real steel experience is needed when manufacturing such components.


But equally important is the logistics involved. Knud Andersen explains: “It’s a question of just-in-time delivery on site. This is absolutely crucial, because an installation team with nothing to do just costs a fortune for the contractor.

Therefore all components must arrive precisely on time and ready to be installed. We can deliver that through our dedicated logistics setup and in-house key production processes, no matter where the installation takes place.”

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Wind tower foundations ready to install from AH Industries
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