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Expanding the machining capacity in Denmark

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With substantial growth in our customer base in Denmark, Manufacturing Solutions has invested strongly in a new infrastructure and in new tools and machines in order to meet the demand from our customers.

Recently, a new and much larger plasma cutting machine has been added to our production assets.

At AH Industries, we are constantly looking for new ways to strengthen our competitive power, because that’s the only way we can keep our customers competitive, too. This sometimes means looking at better and more efficient ways of producing components.

As an example, in early 2016, our Danish cutting center was moved from Rødekro in Southern Jutland to the Ribe facility, a move that eliminated in one stroke much of the transport required to move components around. At the same time, we began looking at new investment possibilities to expand our capacity, and the first result is now in: Our brand new Zinser plasma cutter.

At 400 amps, the new cutter is more powerful than the one we have previously used. Among other things, this means that Manufacturing Solutions in Ribe now has the capacity to plasma-cut steel sheets up to 80 mm in thickness and with beveling up to 50 mm. Previously, such work had to be done manually with a torch or by the process of milling.


Much larger components with higher precision

The new plasma cutter allows us to handle steel sheets with sizes up to 3,000 mm X 12,000 mm. In beveling operations, the width of the component cannot exceed 2500 mm, but this should be more than sufficient for most applications. A series of exhaustive tests have shown that the cutter is just as precise as when using a traditional torch cutter – even when it comes to the notoriously difficult 90 degree cuts.

“We are located in the West of Denmark, near the North Sea and the offshore oil industry, and a lot of our customers serve this segment,” says business unit director Jeppe Lund from AH Industries’ Manufacturing Solutions. “Our customers in this industry, as well as in the shipyards, the wind business and other heavy industries, all have expressed a desire for us to expand our capacity in plasma cutting, and this latest investment is our reaction to this.”

Substantial customer growth

In fact, new plasma cutters and other investments are a natural result of substantial growth in new customers in the past year and a half. ”Our customer base has grown by 20 % in a very short time, and we expect further growth of app. 15 % in the coming year,” says Jeppe Lund. “Investing in machinery and in our own infrastructure means that we will be able to retain customers all across the country and beyond.”

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