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Lifting equipment

Dedicated product development

The handling, assembly and installation of wind turbines require special tools and equipment for transport, fastening and onsite handling.

AHI Site Solutions develops, designs and manufactures equipment for the wind industry including:

Whenever you need more than a standard product for lifting, handling or installation of your turbines, we are your dedicated development partner.

We can handle the entire process, including design, documentation, engineering, production and aftermarket support.

  • Tagline Master Winches
  • Capstan Winches
  • Blade Clamps
  • Single Blade Yokes
  • Single Blade C-yokes
  • Blade Turning Yokes
  • Spreader Beams
  • Upending tool
  • Towergribber
  • Nacelle yoke

Heavy Lifting

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Tagline master winch
Capstan winch
Blade Turning Yokes
Spreader beam
Blade clamp
Single blade yoke
Single blade C-yoke

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