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New deliveries to the cement industry

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AH Industries Industrial Solutions has recently completed the delivery of two large strike bars and eight apron feeders for cement crushers from our production facilities in Denmark and in Ningbo, China.

Strike bars and apron feeders are core components in material handling in the cement and mineral industry and must be able to withstand enormous forces – and to remain in operation for months and years on end without problems. This is why many global operators in the cement and mining industry turn to us for the manufacture and servicing of these crucial parts.


In recent months, we have completed the production and delivery of eight apron feeders and two large strike bar crushers for the cement industry in the Far East. Thomas Hamborg-Thomsen, business unit director for Industrial Solutions, says, ”we have enjoyed a long-lasting collaboration with major players in the cement industry for decades now, and this latest delivery shows the strength of these relations.

These components are critical to the running of cement plants, and they are real heavy-weights; in order to live up to our customers’ expectations, we need to have a strong global setup of suppliers along with our logistics and quality assurance setup – and we do.”

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