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Site Solutions

Site Solutions is an independent business unit within AH Industries

We develop, produce and service lifting and transportation equipment for wind turbines, and we base all we do on more than 30 years of experience from wind turbine installations all over the world.

We assist wind turbine manufacturers in designing and producing transportation and handling equipment, sea fastening and installation equipment, and we offer a wide range of on-site services such as site management, training, supervision, and 24-hour product support – with a 12 hour call-out service in case of product repair on-site.

Our specialty is on- and offshore lifting gear and transport equipment.

  • Design and manufacture of transport equipment, sea fastening, pre-installation tools, installation tools and service tools for wind turbines
  • Service, maintenance and repair of lifting and handling equipment
  • Component replacement on wind turbines, blade exchange either by single blade or full rotor lift, nacelles etc.
  • Installation and repair consultancy
  • Site management, consulting, installation supervision and HSE&Q
  • Engineering services covering lifting and handling equipment, harbor storage, grillage, sea fastening and production lines for heavy components
  • Project management

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