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In the wind industry, know-how and safety is essential

At AH Industries Site Solutions, we know this, and our aim, as preferred supplier, is therefore to improve our customers’ competitive power and position.

Depending on your requirement, we perform complete supply chain management in all phases from the very first product development, through production, to final product.

We provide you alternatively selected services, which among others include design support, engineering, documentation and assembly services.

This illustration shows the individual steps in the value chain. The exact steps can vary, but whatever the process we have the experience, technology and global partner network to solve every single task at the right time and in the right quality.

Project Management

Project handling by experts
As a specialist supplier of Customer specific projects, compiling all elements of EPCI projects (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation), or any part thereof we deliver in accordance with, customer demands, always complying with given norms and standards, this including handling 3rd party approvals, i.e. DNV-GL or equivalent.

We deliver projects in accordance with state of the art project model ensuring compliance with customer needs and demands, this ensuring fulfilment of customer satisfaction.

Some customers prefer to manage parts of the supply chain themselves; others are able to gain value by allowing AH Industries to handle central parts of the chain. Whatever your needs, we can meet them – as suppliers or as supply chain managers

Your direct benefits:

  • One-stop-shop
  • Leave it to us for hassle-free project handling by experts
  • Optimized costs
  • Saving internal transactional costs
Quality Assurance

HSEQ – the eyes and voice of our customers
At AH Industries, it is the job of our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) department to improve and document every single part of every single process based on empirical data.

All relevant certificates in place
We are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, and all projects are carefully monitored using our quality management systems. Needless to say, our suppliers are required to deliver a similarly high level of quality.

The quality programme at AH Industries is your guarantee that we deliver the best results in the business.

We embrace and promote the use of these core tools within AH Industries:
These provide the foundation of the QMS (Quality management System) in regard to not only meeting and exceeding our customer expectations but supporting our drive for continuous improvement.

  • FMEA
  • PPAP
  • FAI
  • CE
  • MSA
  • ITP

By applying a disciplined and methodical approach enriched with a team work application we can guarantee product realization (early life cycle) and product sustainability throughout its lifetime.

Working in partnership with our customers we recognize the importance and value of these tools to further enhance and improve our quality of product and service.


We develop Tailor made solutions for our customers, and having a long history of active partnership with our customers helping them develop optimal designs both on the product development side but also developing R&D solutions.

Your direct benefits:

  • One-stop-shop
  • Leave it to us for hassle-free project handling by experts
Design Support

Project handling by experts
As a supplier with a long successful track record of special lifting and transportation equipment, we have all the needed skills and the knowhow to manage your entire supply chain.

Using our extensive engineering experience, we help our customers in designing optimal solutions, engineered to their specific requirements and standards.

Some customers prefer to manage parts of the supply chain themselves; others are able to gain value by allowing AH Industries to handle central parts of the chain. Whatever your needs are, we can meet them – as suppliers or as supply chain managers.

Your direct benefits:

  • One-stop-shop
  • Leave it to us for hassle-free project handling by experts

Production through trusted partners
After in-house engineering of your lifting or transport solution, we source the different components from our ever-expanding network of partners across the world. In the steel and metal component industry, keeping costs and quality under tight control is essential, both for us and for you.

That is why we take care to build and maintain close relations to trusted suppliers, to deliver the quality you need at the right price, time and place – always.

Your direct benefits:

  • One-stop-shop: Order a project and get it as specified
  • Fast, reliable delivery

Raw components from trusted suppliers
Our global network of suppliers includes world-class specialists within their field, and through them we can always source the needed components to competitive prices.

Your direct benefits:

  • Availability, quality and price in perfect balance
  • Consistent quality
  • Expert sourcing by experienced professionals
Surface treatment

Let us do the coating – and all the rest
When it comes to surface treatment of steel or metal components, the possibilities seem infinite. We can always identify the ideal surface treatment, no matter what the application may be: Metallizing, hardening, thermal spray metallizing, electro galvanizing, achromatizing, anodizing, painting according to international standard systems.

Your direct benefits:

  • We can advise you on what’s best for your needs
  • Get your components delivered fully ready for assembly or installation
  • Full range of surface treatment technologies available from us or our trusted suppliers

Putting it all together
At our facility in Bjert, we have the resources in terms of trained and experienced staff to assemble all the designed and engineered tools and transport equipment. Once all the individual parts are sourced, checked, we proceed to assemble the component and perform a FAT test (Factory Assembly Test) before delivery.

Your direct benefits:

  • No need for in-house sourcing and assembly procedures
  • Simplified Bill of Material structure and easy purchase on higher level
  • No time-consuming transport between operations
  • One-stop-shop for faster, more reliable results

Documentation at the highest level
The final product is nothing without documentation and traceability. Full documentation will be made available every step of the way in accordance with all international industry standards.

Your direct benefits:

  • LEAN, 5S, FMEA, PPAP, FAI and all relevant certificates and approvals
  • Full documentation and traceability
  • Professional, highly skilled personnel at your service

Making you competitive by making you fast
Our aim is to improve your competitiveness no matter what part of the supply chain we are looking at. In order to offer you the optimum lead times we have built a strong delivery system involving a number of highly trusted logistics partners all over the world.

We know how to pack expensive tools and components so they are well protected during, road- and ocean transportation, storage and installation. This is your guarantee that components and euipment from AH Industries are ready for use when needed – also important and cost efficient when installation or service is undertaken on site.

Your direct benefits:

  • Fast and reliable delivery handled by us

Due to our many years of field experience all our tools and transport equipment are designed and engineered for optimizing the installation time as efficient as possible, which means cost savings for our customers. The whole philosophy behind our thinking is, that our product has to give our customers an advantage either in terms of minimizing installations time or reduce of manpower on site.

When it comes to the actual installation of wind turbines, AHI Site Solutions can provide experienced site management and installation specialists during erection or repair of wind turbines word wide – onshore as well as offshore.

Your direct benefits:

  • Site Management – supervision
  • Site inspection / feasibility studies
  • On-site trouble shooting
  • Optimizing of lifting procedure
After market & Service

We focus on the growing aftermarket both on- and offshore and are capable of handling exchange of main components.
Our Service Department also offers training in the use of our products. We are often hired to participate in the first installations of the turbines with the new tools and to train our customer’s employees.

At AHI Site Solutions we stand behind our products 100%. During warranty period we offer 24-hours hotline and 12-hours call out service on our products.

AHI Site Solution is your trusted partner when it comes to Service, maintenance and repair of lifting and handling equipment both on- and offshore.

Your direct benefits:

  • 24 hours support for all our products
  • 12 hours emergency call-out service
  • On-site training in equipment use, safety, maintenance, etc. with certification of the participants.

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