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Ah Values

At AH Industries, we are responsible, proactive and work as a team in the solution of all our tasks.

We take pride in creating the best possible solution in everything we do – for the benefit of our customers, suppliers, employees, environment and society. We bring our customers new knowledge through professional behavior, new advanced technology and solutions for the future.

At AH Industries, partnership with our customers is key to success. Moreover, it is important that we, at AH Industries, solve all tasks across Business Units and departments.

Our three values: Responsible, Proactive and Teamwork, support the foundation which ensures that we deliver the best solution at the right time and in the right quality.



We take responsibility for:

  • Safety of ourselves and our colleagues
  • Quality of our work
  • Surroundings and environment
  • Development of competencies
  • Ethical, honest and cost-efficient behavior



We act proactively and, in cooperation with stakeholders, define the best solution.

  • We listen to our customers / Voice of the Customer
  • We create value for our customers
  • We follow and decode market development
  • We plan and are well-prepared
  • We seek new opportunities and markets, and are prepared for change


We cooperate with customers, suppliers, and across our Business Units and departments and contribute with:

  • Competencies
  • Commitment
  • Constructive communication and feedback
  • Partnership with stakeholders

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