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AH Industries is a diverse workplace with room for all types of employees regardless of sex, religion, ethnic/social background, political view, age or sexual orientation. We strive to maintain and make room for employees who, due to illness, physical, psychological, or social reasons, are not able to perform in their previous position and/or have reduced ability to work.

AH Industries is part of an industry dominated primarily by male employees. Thus, in order to attract and develop female employees, equally qualified to male employees, and thereby obtain a more balanced gender composition, we have implemented a policy on Gender Equality. The purpose is to further career development for men and women on an equal basis.

Supporting our work for equal opportunity, we prioritize a focus on employee well-being, satisfaction and employee development.
In support of this focus we have implemented complementing activities covering:

  • Employee Development Dialogue (EDD)
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Workplace Assessment

The purpose of the above activity combination is to establish a foundation for continued development, letting all departments function effectively, and leading to improved employee satisfaction and thereby a balanced and effective workplace.

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