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Flame Cutting

AH Industries operates its own cutting centers in Denmark and in China, offering flame cutting and plasma cutting services to our customers, either as a part of a larger production flow or as an individual assignment.

The cutting centers are specialized units within AH Industries’ Manufacturing division, built on long flame cutting experience and a tradition of close customer relations.

We service customers from a wide range of industries such as marine, offshore, wind, industrial production and many others.

High-performance cutting and deburring

We perform flame cutting and plasma cutting of components of various sizes and steel qualities up to a material thickness of 450 mm. After-treatment includes deburring, cleansing, beveling and sharpening.

We produce according to DIN/ISO 9013 and are TÜV- approved for restamping of materials.

See technical data below.

Reaction time and delivery performance

We respond immediately to demands from our customers – when a critical component is needed for an offshore installation or when industrial producers need raw-cut components in their production.

We have our own in-house stock of raw materials for when you need that extra-fast solution.

Supply chain solutions

We offer value-adding services such as welding, surface treatment, project management and logistics – you only need issue of one PO.

We can advise you on the best and most optimal way to cut your components, regardless of the production series. Our experienced staff will handle everything from sourcing to production planning all the way to delivery.

When needed, we can offer material and consignment stocks as an extra option to make your production more flexible and efficient.

Technical data:

  • We cut all types of steel materials, including stainless steel, aluminum alloys and high tensile strength steel
  • We operate three flame cutting tables with a plate size range from 3000 X 7600 mm up to 5000 X 12000 mm and ideal cutting thicknesses from 10 to 450 mm
  • We operate one plasma cutting table with maximum plate sizes of 3000 X 12000 mm and ideal cutting thickness of 4 – 25 mm
  • We have a maximum lifting capacity of 32 tons available on-site
  • We produce according to DIN/ISO 9013 and are TÜV- approved for restamping of materials to 3.1 (3.2 restamping is handled in collaboration with third party suppliers)

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