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At AH Industries we prioritise our employees as our most important resource, and we consider safety to be a cores issue. We believe that attention towards employee health and safety improves the quality of life of individual employees and their families to the benefit of our local societies.

Legal compliance is ensured through awareness, operational control and monitoring as well as internal audits as support of the external audits by a third party organisation.

Our activities within Health and Safety is structured and manifested through our Health and Safety policy. The policy describes how AH Industries work to prevent industrial injuries and work-related illnesses.

AH Industries and our Occupational Health and Safety Organization work proactively to ensure that no work-related situations at AH Industries expose our employees to danger or endanger their health.

The risk of personal injuries or work related illnesses must be minimized and possible causes identified and eliminated through preventive actions.

We educate and motivate our employees to actively take part in the occupational health and safety work and responsibility.

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