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AH Industries is a global organization, with business partners located all over the world. A global organizational presence furthers the need for a set of guidelines as a shared framework for responsible business conduct and ethical behavior.

Responsible supplier management is a central part of our corporate responsibility. We secure safety in our supply chain by demanding of our suppliers that they act in compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

You can download our complete Suplier Code of Conduct as a printable pdf-file below.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct communicates a requirement for our suppliers to comply with and support internationally proclaimed Human Rights and labor standards, endeavor to utilize environmental management systems, and lastly to support and comply with a zero-tolerance policy on corruption.

At AH Industries, we want to collaborate with our suppliers in an on-going effort to promote their social responsibility. Our Supplier Code of Conduct forms the basis of dialogue and control with our suppliers with regard to responsibility. If a supplier fails to comply with this we will enter into a constructive dialogue with the supplier about implementing corrective actions.

Supplier Code of Conduct

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