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Our service is customize to your requirements

At AHI Manufacturing we do acknowledge our primary position as a machinist in our customers supply chain. We do however offer much more, by customizing our additional Supply Chain Services to your exact needs.

Depending on the requirement, we perform complete supply chain management in all phases; from the very first product development, through the physical machining, to the thereafter logistics etc.

We do alternatively provide customer selected services like design support, sourcing, documentation and assembly services.

No matter the Supply Chain Services selected, our aim is to become your preferred supplier by constantly proving ourselves and to assist you in increasing your competiveness.

The graphic supply chain model illustrates the various Supply Chain Services offered. Each service is further explained in below listing.


Project Management

Project Management is illustrated as a line. The line emphasizes that Project Management is built into each service – but is also valid for the entire line of supply chain services.

We are capable of managing your project from development to delivery – and again further to possible aftermarket services etc. You simply select the services required and we will manage the rest from there on.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is, like Project Management, illustrated as a line. The line emphasizes that Quality Assurance is built into each and every service – but is also present across the entire line of Supply Chain Services.

Our customers demand the highest levels of precision, on-time delivery performance and safety. For this reason Quality Assurance is essential to us.

We are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, and all projects are carefully monitored using our Quality Management System.

The Quality Management System includes use of the following listed tools to ensure a disciplined and methodical approach:

  • FMEA
  • PPAP
  • FAI
  • CE
  • MSA
  • ITP

Working in partnership with our customers we recognize the importance and value of these tools to further enhance and improve our quality of product and service.

The Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) department is responsible for improving and documenting every single part of every single process based on empirical data.


We assist you in your Development of new products by realising your design.

Not only do we have many years of experience, but we also have an agile and flexible production set-up to assist you in critical phases of product development – all the way from prototyping and 0-series, to actual serial production.

We are able to add value in all PLC phases of your product, and we assist you in a shorter time-to-market and an effective product launch.

Design Support

We assist you in optimising your product design for production. Our value engineers will assist in embedding production improvements to you product design of a product development, or to an existing product design.

Sparring with our expert team of value engineers will help ensure a continuous improvement and cost-out of your product design.


For our machining services we source large and bulk volumes of various raw cast iron and steel plate qualities through our widespread network of trusted suppliers.

Our purchasing power and close supplier cooperation ensures the best possible availability for fast and reliable deliveries, tight quality control, and competitive market pricing – to increase your competiveness.


Machining is our core service to you. We perform high-precision machining of metal and steel components that require high levels of craftsmanship and experience.

We carry out cutting, milling, turning and drilling operations in our multiple factory locations in Denmark and China, where our large capacity allows us to handle demanding projects for some of the largest industrial customers in the world.

We have the widest machine size range available, offering you machining of components ranging from just a few hundred grams up to 90 tons in dimensions from 70 mm up to lengths of 7 meters.

Surface treatment

We offer Surface Treatment services through our close and integrated network of specialist sub-suppliers. This includes typical surface treatment like thermal spray metallizing, electro galvanizing and painting systems according to your specifications.

All of our surface treatment suppliers are all within close geographical distance of our productions sites, and we have daily transports to and from these suppliers. This enables strong and flexible logistic solutions – for your benefit.


We have the physical capacities, resources, systems and structures, as well as skilled employees, at our productions sites in Denmark and China, to perform Assembly services.

We offer Assembly of both simple and complex modules – and we do this for small up to very large +90 tons structures. Our Assembly service includes also preforming of required cleaning procedures, as well as inspection and testing specifications.


We apply all the latest technology to ensure the precision of all components handled by us, and we offer every type of measurement relevant to our production. Our dedicated in-house specialists use the latest technology of portable and stationary CMM 3D laser-trackers for GPS measuring.

We perform FAI, PPAP and FMEA measuring and verification procedures according to defined customer specifications and requirements for analysis, traceability and documentation purposes. This includes various non-destructive and destructive testing methods.

Our documentation is your guarantee.


We offer various Logistic services and solutions to fit your requirements. This includes stocking of raw materials, components and finished products to enable short lead-times.

Also part of our Logistic services is packaging, consignment stocks and EDI system pull. Worldwide transportation, not matter what type, is provided through our strong logistic partners.

Our logistic system is set-up to ensure you the best and most efficient on-time delivery of your products.

After market & Service

Our After Market Service includes supply of single spare parts or complete spare part packages or systems according to your specifications.

Within the Wind industry we provide our services to OEM customers, Independent Service Providers, as well as Wind Park Owners.

Part of our After Market Service is to provide you with a complete solution throughout the entire Product Life Circle – from development, through delivery, and into the After Market Service.

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