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Assembly of new drivetrain systems

We specialize in complete assembly of new drivetrain and gear systems, controlling and sourcing the bill of material tailored to your specification.

Refurbishment and service of used drivetrain and gear systems

We have proven track record in refurbishment and service of used drivetrain and gear systems based on our proven process including the following steps tailored to your needs:

reception of goods -> dismantling -> cleaning -> inspection of used parts -> repair of parts/supply of new parts/system upgrade -> reassembly -> test -> inspection -> documentation -> packaging -> logistic and transport

Dedicated production lines with custom made tools and standard procedures secure a safe and gentle process without damaging materials.


Sourcing and manufacturing partner

We manufacture key components in the drivetrain such as Rotor Lock Disk, Main Bering House, Main Shaft, Main Bearing Covers, Brake and Brake Disk

We can source Bedplate, Main Bearings, Lock bolts, Lock Nuts and Flexible Coupling.

We have a global sourcing system with purchasing and supplier inspection departments in Europe and China as well as a large network of collaboration partners that enables us to source and assemble any component needed by customers – and always at a total cost competitive level.

Products, solutions and assembly for many different industries

With a solid base comprising expertise in metalworking alongside our know-how in assembly of high-tech equipment, Drivetrain  Solutions supply products and solutions to the wind, automotive, power and energy, cement and mineral , pulp and paper, marine and offshore industry – and many others, besides.

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